Sailing Blacksmith,
Bill Nelson, Artist Blacksmith, Ft. Pierce, FL 772-342-3846

I am a local artist  blacksmith  with a blacksmith shop in Ft. Pierce creating custom metal artwork.  All of my pieces are created by hand using a propane forge, hammer and anvil.  People often ask me how did you get into this line of work?   I started my blacksmithing career as a race track farrier shoeing standard bred race horses.  I traveled by sailboat from Pompano Race Track in Pompano, Florida to Annapolis, Maryland.  I had a blacksmith shop in both locations.  

In 2001, I married my wife Cathy.  I create the medal art and Cathy  creates the "Tree's of Life" and "Lucky Horseshoes with Bling". 

It was always my dream to take my knowledge of the blacksmith process  to the next level, and create one of a kind decorative pieces of art.  All representing a unique piece of art to display in your home.  I enjoy sharing my travels  with our customers and explaining how the pieces are made.

The Art Of Blacksmithing!