Custom  Cutter for pizza or fresh herbs

Custom  Iron Quill made for Author Theresa Orecchia

2.5 foot Custom Clef Note was painted black, made of 6 foot of steel,  and hangs above clients piano in her home

Custom towel holder for client in her bathroom for hand towels.  Made to size that fits your space, embellished to your style. 

Custom Shelf Brackets

Tennis Themed Yard Sign 

 Surfing Themed Yard Sign

Custom Table Base

3 Piece Custom BBQ Tool Set 

Custom Jewelry Rack for

Tahitian Leathered Pearls

Bonefish House Address Sign

Sailing Blacksmith metal artwork is custom made to your specifications.  

Children's Museum of  Martin County Gala Logo.

 Commissioned Metal Artwork

Poodle Dog Leash Holder

Sailing Blacksmith,
Bill Nelson, Artist Blacksmith, Ft. Pierce, FL772-466-6346

 Business Card Holder