Our blacksmith metal artwork

Sailing Blacksmith,
Bill Nelson, Artist Blacksmith, Ft. Pierce, FL Contact us at 772-342-3846 or bahamabill@hotmail.com

Is the art of bending and shaping metal into works of art using extreme heat.  I  create custom  blacksmith metal artwork and metal art sculptures that are hand forged, using a hammer and anvil.  My pieces are one of a kind, designed especially to meet your needs.  I can custom design items for your home, your kitchen, bathroom, address and flag signs for your house or yard, decorative hooks, sculptures, dinner gongs, display pieces, etc.  Imagination, creativity and talent is all that I need. ​ 

Custom sculptures, created just for that right place in your home.

Custom house signs - your house numbers and themed to your style. Left natural or painted with the colors of your choosing.

Custom yard signs - you select the theme, and color configuration, and we do the rest.