Candle Holders - various styles

Hand towel  wall mount  rings - custom themed to fit your decor.

Various  themed  door knockers  - made for door or door jam.

Blacksmith Metal Art

Sailing Blacksmith,
Bill Nelson, Artist Blacksmith, Ft. Pierce, FL 772-342-3846

BBQ tools, sold as a set or can be purchased individually.

Custom House numbers - various styles

Herb or veggie cutter 

Horseshoe Book Ends,

other styles can be made

Outdoor Garden Hose Holder

 holds 100 ft. of hose

Napkin Holders to match the above paper towel holders. 

Accent Tables

Bathroom Towel sets, themed to fit your decor, natural steel or brass finish.  Sold as a set or can be sold separately. 

Blanket or Quilt rack

Fireplace tools various styles.

Above  Counter Top Paper Towel Holders - Below Wall Mount Paper Towel  - Both Styles can be made either way.

In natural, brass or hand painted finish to match your kitchen,.

Gate  Latch - various styles 

Decorative Holiday Tree, decorate for each holiday or hang family pictures.