Blinged Lucky Horseshoes also available,  with or without tree of life in center - pick your color and accent charms. 

Tree's of Life Sun Catchers are custom made to your bead color choice.  Frames can be steel or copper metal. Personalize with birthstone colors, your favorite colors, and pick the charm from those available.  The small ones  (2") are ideal for decoration on your rear view mirror of your car, the medium ones  (3") and large ones (4")  are ideal to hang  in any window or sliding glass door to reflect the sun.  Great gift idea for family and friends.  We have made several as memorial gifts for those who have passed on.  Contact us to discuss color and charm options.  Other sizes can be  created and different geometric shapes also available (heart, diamond, moon, etc).

Sailing Blacksmith,
Bill Nelson, Artist Blacksmith, Ft. Pierce, FL 772-342-3846